We are delighted to announce the winner of the 2019 IC Awareness Month Nurse of the Year. Votes were taken from September through December of 2019. We are now currently accepting nominations for our 2020 awards. Please nominate your care providers at: www.icawareness.org

2019 Nurse of the Year
Elizabeth Kusturiss, APN (Virtua Sexual Wellness and Pelvic Health)
200 Bowman Dr., Suite E-325
Voorhees, NJ  08043

Elizabeth Kusturiss received one of the most passionate nominations in the history of IC Awareness Month. The testimonial below rose far above the many other nominations that we received and we are grateful for the kindness that she has shown to patients in need.

Elizabeth Kusturiss changed my life.  By far, she is the most educated, compassionate provider I have ever encountered. She has a way of explaining what is happening, why it is happening, alternatives for making it better, and most importantly, reassuring you this is NOT all in your head!  Just the relief of knowing WHAT is was I am dealing with was huge for me!

Before meeting Elizabeth, I had no idea how much my Pelvic Floor was playing a part in the IC symptoms and flares I have lived with for so long…   Elizabeth taught me about NEW treatments, medications, physical therapy and worked with me for weeks to find what combination of things would help.  Elizabeth is extremely professional and her bedside manner is second to none in my opinion.  When you’re treating this very personal part of the body, it is so important to feel comfortable with your provider.  I just can’t recommend her highly enough.  She explains what she is seeing during your exam and asks pertinent questions as to how the patient feels and responds during the exam.

Even after a visit, you will find her prompt in answering phone calls and just being there for you when you need her advice.  At Elizabeth’s suggestion, I incorporated Yoga into my exercise routine exactly one year ago.  Prior to this, I had been running many miles a week and just irritating my pelvic floor to no end.  Flash forward to today…my IC is in remission and I have lost 30 lbs.  I feel so much better and am in best shape I’ve ever been in.  I have techniques and medications I can use when it flares and my stress/anxiety levels have been greatly reduced due to yoga and because I now know there is HOPE!

After almost 30 years…I FINALLY found someone who “gets it”!…  I have my life back and my family has ME back!  What more could anyone ask of a provider?  Thank you Elizabeth!  You ROCK!