We are delighted to announce the winnerf the 2019 IC Awareness Month Physical Therapist of the Year. Votes were taken from September through December of 2019. We are now currently accepting nominations for our 2020 awards. Please nominate your care providers at: www.icawareness.org

2019 Physical Therapist of the Year
Rebecca Rauch PT, DPT, WCS
The Women’s Hospital of Texas
7400 Fannin, Suite 1145
Houston, TX 77054
Tel:  713-799-6193

We received an astonishing number of nominations for Dr. Rebecca Rauch and it is crystal clear that her patients appreciate her dedication, impressive skills and kindness. It is often the pelvic floor myofascial specialist who often unravels the puzzle of pelvic floor dysfunction and from the testimonials that we received, she is clearly helping many patients find relief. We applaud her efforts!

“Rebecca is the most thorough, knowledgeable, caring, and diligent doctor I have ever seen. She not only figured out the underlying issues that were causing my… pain, but she took the time to research and explain what I needed to do and why. She has, time and time again, found a way to heal my body from the inside out. I went from not being able to run 10 feet or play with my kids in the backyard without terrible pain, to being able to run miles and play soccer with my family. I am incredibly grateful to Rebecca for her knowledge, skill, dedication, kindness, and perseverance.

“Rebecca is very knowledgeable. I can describe pain in any area, or related to any activity, and she knows what exercise I need to do to accommodate condition and improve my pain level and range of motion. She is always cheerful and has superb people skills. She is extremely kind and calm.”

“Ms. Rauch has been amazing! After 3 kiddos, my body was needing some help. She was able to relieve my pain that 3 years of chiropractic services could not relieve. She listens to the issues and talks through the potential sources of the issues and discusses the options for correction. Her primary focus is to make her patients feel better and help their bodies operate as they should. I would highly recommend Ms. Rauch to anyone! She’s been life changing for me!”

“Rebecca always makes me feel very comfortable, both physically and emotionally.  She has a soothing manner that just permeates the room.  When I am working with her, I feel like I am in really good hands (literally and figuratively!).  She is so caring and attentive to my needs.  It always amazes me when Rebecca is working on a specific muscle and says this muscle is really tight or this muscle is tighter than (or not as tight as) last week, and I know she is exactly right because I can feel it! … And not only can she tell when a muscle is tight, she tells me the exact name of the muscle and which other muscles it connects to… I am so very grateful that I have Rebecca to help me heal from my pelvic pain; she has helped to not only reduce my pain, but to believe that my pain can be treated.  Rebecca’s dedication to her field and to her patients qualifies her to be named as the Physical Therapist of the Year.”