It will take more than just a few people to raise awareness about IC. Every patient out there should take a moment to look at their community, their state and country and ask themselves “what do we need here to better serve IC patients?” Are your doctors educated enough about IC? If not, then let’s try to change that by bringing an CME course to the area. Are community members and/or employers compassionate to the needs of patients? If not, then let’s try to get some stories in a local newspaper that encourage compassion and support.

You are the eyes and ears of your community and, more importantly, what you do today will influence how IC patients the future are treated. Do you want any more patients to be told that IC is all in their heads? Do you want more women to undergo completely inappropriate hysterectomies only to discover that their pain is coming from their bladders?? Do you want children with IC to be punished by their teachers for asking to use the restroom?? If not, then let’s do something about it. WE ARE STRONGER TOGETHER!

Nine Easy Ways You Can Be Involved


One of the easiest things you can do is just put up our poster at your local church, coffee shop or, better yet, send it to all of your doctors and ask them to post it so that other patients can learn about IC. Print out and share our official poster