Help Put Our IC Awareness Poster in Thousands of Doctor Offices

One of the ways that we raise awareness about IC is through our IC Awareness Month Poster Campaign. When they are displayed in doctors offices, it reminds clinicians that IC is real and patients that they are not alone. The problem, of course, is that we don’t have a big pharmaceutical company paying to print up posters and mail them to doctors. It’ll only take a minute to print it out and then drop it in the mail or hand deliver it to your doctors offices. IC Optimist subscribers can also cut off the back cover of their Summer issue and use that as a poster.

Most locations are respectful of and encourage health awareness campaigns. Ask them first if they will post it and, if not, save it for another location that will. Once it’s up, please take a picture of it up on the wall and send it to us, or tweet (@icnjill or #icawarenessmonth) or Facebook it!

  • Doctors offices, Health Clinics, Hospitals
  • Public Libraries
  • Community Bulletin Boards
  • School Nursing Offices
  • Neighborhood Coffee Shops & Gyms

Download any of the posters below!

Click here to download our 2019 Poster Winner by Erin Dryburgh


(Click To Download The PDF)

Click to download the pdf


erin-OurSymptoms400 2014postercontestwinner-400Created by Christy Keyes – 2014
Official IC Awareness Month Poster 2014Created by Jennifer Williams – 2013
atakeshta-400Created by Audrey Takeshta – 2013

Created by L Dryburgh – 2013


Created by Jill Osborne – 2012