Getting IC Stories In Local Papers Is A Priority

The first major story to appear in a popular magazine occurred in the early 1990’s when Marie Grimes, an IC patient in Northern California, wrote to Readers Digest and suggested that they do a story on IC. The result? Tens of thousands of patients learned that they were not alone. That letter, written from the perspective of a patient who was suffering, touched those editors profoundly.  The secret to getting media and press coverage is to share how lives have been changed, both good and bad, by life with interstitial cystitis and chronic pain.

Every year, we create a corporate press release that we send to local media outlets. We try to cover stories that are newsworthy, such as employees who are fired when they ask for restroom access or students who are punished for requesting a hall pass. But, it’s HARD to come up with a media campaign that penetrates. We need your help!

What You Can Do

  1. Print out the 2020 IC Awareness Month press release.
  2. Compose a letter sharing your pain story. See sample letter below.
  3. Make a list of the newspapers, websites, magazines and blogs that you read. Go to their websites and look for the email addresses of their newsroom, health or lif