We are delighted to announce the winner of the 2019 IC Awareness Month Physician of the Year. Votes were taken from September through December of 2019. We are now currently accepting nominations for our 2020 awards. Please nominate your care providers at: www.icawareness.org

2019 Doctor of the Year
Dr. Robert Evans (Wake Forest Baptist Health)
Wake Forest Urology
140 Charlois Boulevard
Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27103

It comes as no surprise that Dr. Robert Evans was, again, voted Physician of the Year. A master diagnostician, he is known for a remarkably kind bedside manner, outstanding knowledge of IC and pelvic pain and, most importantly, outstanding skills as a urologist and surgeon. An IC researcher for decades, he provides hope to patients who have been ignored and/or dismissed by less skilled clinicians. With more than 10x the number of nominations than the runner up, he continues to be the overwhelming favorite and for good reason. His kindness, compassion and heart shines in his daily work with patients.

“ Dr Evans saved my life when I was bed bound. I drove 71/2 hours to see him and he had the best bedside manner, broke down my disease and what options were left for me. He even went through all the trials that were available. Then when we decided on next steps he and his team wrote into my insurance and made a full case explaining why I needed this plan as my next step and got me covered. He is very respected, knowledgeable and caring physician.”

 “Dr. Robert Evans has been my urologist since 1990, it’s like we’ve grown up with IC together…. We meet about every six months to make the FDA and Medicare happy, discuss family and how we can find someone to fill his lab coat when he decides to retire and take the time he and his family deserve. I remember the days of long conversations about medications to treat symptoms, switching meds because ones weren’t working, feeling hopeless and miserable, feeling fearful and angry, so when I have to wait an hour or two or more in his office to see him I’m cool with that because I know he is taking time with someone who is new to IC and needs his attention, time and reassurance. I know I can live with IC because Dr. Evans is my doctor. God allowed me to have IC but HE gave me Dr. Evans. I am blessed.”

“I have been going to Dr Evans for 6 years and he saved my quality of life.  He takes his time and listens and provides specific suggestions about how to relieve your symptoms.  He stays current on all new treatments or discoveries about the disease.  I learn something new every time I visit.”

“I believe Dr. Robert Evans should be recognized for the 5th year in a row as the top Doctor for Interstitial Cystitis!  Dr. Evans is extremely knowledgeable, compassionate, and cares about his patients!  He spends the time needed to get to know his patients and answers all questions from his patients.”

“Dr Evans has treated me for 25 years. I learned the hard way that many if not most doctors prefer not to treat this IC… Dr Evans never quits trying, he has always been available to help, answer all questions and is willing to just listen. I could speak to his tireless research, clinical trials and his expertise on IC but none of those things are more important than the many ways he genuinely cares for his patients. In all these years, he has never rushed me, is always willing to try something that may help provide relief. He’s honest and his integrity shows in everything he does. He doesn’t turn anyone away… I’m very aware of how blessed I am to call him my Doctor as well as my friend.”