First Place Winner – Michelle Milheiras

Michelle Milheiras poster entries scored the highest votes in our poster contest with a message that we all need to hear. Patients need support. Patients deserve support. Yet, why, oh why, is support so often out of reach for those patients who need it the most. The symbolism is something that every IC patient can relate to. Support should be always be accessible.

Support For IC Patients Should Not Be Out of Reach


Second Place TIE – Michelle Milheiras & Lark English

Michelle and Lark’s entries both convey messages that we must reinforce in the IC world. Michelle says “A life with IC is like a maze, easily lost and hard to find. It’s time to talk about it.” Lark reminds every patient that they are never alone. That we stand together always.”

Third  Place TIE – Colleen White & Jaime Coronado Aragon

Colleens submission includes an original water colort. She says “Interstitial cystitis can be isolating, life altering and can set a sufferer adrift.” and more importantly that we are all here to help.  Jaime asks a three vital questions that every patient has asked at one point in time! “Who will stand by us? Who will fight  for us? Who will find a cure for us?” Powerful, heartfelt and definitely from the patient perspective.