Every year, we ask IC patients to nominate clinicians (doctors, physical therapists, nurses) who have treated them with compassion, respect and effective treatments. Nominations are often incredibly heartfelt with patients sharing personal stories of clinicians (and their staff)  who listen to their struggles, who patiently explain treatment options and, most importantly, maintain a long-term, steady patient/provider relationship that is based upon kindness. This year, the dominant theme was pain care. Those care providers supported pain care and who believed that patients were struggling and who offered a variety of pain care options received the best reviews. And here are the winners for 2017 Clinicians Of The Year!

2017 Doctor Of The Year – Dr. Robert Evans MD (Wake Forest University)

For the fourth year in a  row, Dr. Robert Evans has been voted physician of the year, capturing 24% of the overall vote. Patient testimonials demonstrate a physician who exemplifies the hippocratic oath, offering care to a large population of patients who come to his clinic after years of neglect from other medical professionals. I

“Though I’m not at all surprised, Dr Evans has had much more on his plate than his ‘normal’ this past year due to all the extra pain and challenges his patients have faced due to our opiate crisis. Yet, like everything else he’s made certain I knew that he was still right by my side no matter what..whether it was thru an office visit, phone call, text or email. No matter the issues or circumstances this has not changed in 25 years..Over the years I can’t think of an instance where I asked him for help or guidance I didn’t get it. It’s a real privilege to be able to call him my Dr, friend and family and a blessing to share my journey with him. My roadmap would look a lot different if not for him.” – CB

“After a URO-GYN didn’t listen to my pain and told me there was nothing else she could do for me, I got an appointment with Dr. Evans. I said I was in pain so many times, he stopped me and said “I know you are in pain, you don’t have to keep telling me, I heard you” I almost started crying. It was such a relief that he understood me and didn’t belittle me like my old doctor.” – LF

“Dr. Evans has always provided me with the best care on such a difficult illness. Even though he is the head Professor of such a large hospital, he goes out of his way to make sure that I’m always taking care of. He will spend hours with me during my appointments to make sure that I understand treatments and that I am reassured he will always be there for me. No other doctor is even compatible to him. I’m extremely lucky and proud that I have Dr. Evans as my doctor. This gentleman is such a God-sent to so many! He gives me hope!” – LR

“He is the IC pioneer doctor, lives and breathes it. Patients are always first. Never gives up trying to help. Works ridiculous hours to see us all. Couldn’t be a kinder soul. Spends a lot of time with you each and every visit. Patient care is number one! Grateful for is dedication.” – J

“Dr. Evans has been one of the only doctors that I have ever come across since I was diagnosed in 2010 that has ever listened to me and been willing to help me. I’m not sure where I would be without his help, support and understanding.” – FS

“He is a great Dr he will sit down and listen to you and it doesn’t matter how long it takes he will not rush you. He explains everything to you so that you will understand. He taught me so much about my IC that I never knew in the past 10 years that I’ve had it. All in my 1st appointment with him. I’m so blessed to have him as my Dr. I thank God everyday.” – SG

“Dr. Evans has provided excellent care for my child. He has helped her when no one else would because of her being a child. His knowledge and expertise has helped her get back to school and enjoy life again.” – JV

“Dr. Evans takes the time to listen. He talks, so I understand what his advice is to help me. Dr. Evans is compassionate and one of the best doctors I have ever encountered. The extra time he spends with patients is excellent. I feel important.” – ME

“He has taken remarkable and consistent care of my daughter for 25 years. He has always treated us with respect, compassion and we are confident in him and trust our daughter in his care. There are few Drs that understand this illness and also empathize not only with his patients but also the families. He’s a real blessing.” – CB

“Dr. Evans gives me HOPE!!! Hope that one day there will be a new medication, treatment, or surgery that will provide the relief that I need!! He does everything that he possibly can to help his patients, and I appreciate him so very much!!” – AM

“He is the best doctor I have ever been to in my life. He has helped me so much and many other women like me.” – OM

“He listens and takes his time with each patient. He gives you options and helps narrow them down that is best for you. I LOVE Dr. Evans.” – OB

“My wife is an IC patient of Dr Evans. She was blessed to have this man for her Dr. He is the most compassionate doctor I’ve ever seen. I go with her to her appointments and have witnessed this first hand. He has truely made a difference in her life!!” – GH

“I have been seeing Dr. Evans since Sept 2011. He listens to his patients and will stay in the room with you until you have asked him all the questions you need to. He takes his time out with you and treat you like a real person and not like you are crazy.” – MS

“I’ve been seeing Dr Evans for a liitle over 10 yrs. He gave me back as much quality of life that he could and still works all the time to help me deal. He’s compassionate, he listens and he NEVER gives up!!” – TH

“He always listens to his patients and truly cares about them. He will go out of his way to answer all your questions and continue to fight for you when he knows something is just not right.” – CV