2o17 Meme Contest Winners & Entries!

These are the final entries for the 2017 IC Awareness Month Meme contest! We love the creativity that IC patients bring to the front as they talk about IC.

First Place – J. Gosewehr

A meme is supposed to be entertaining, sharable, poignant and ideally educational. Of course, cats are gold when it comes to sharing. This picture is not only adorable but it tugs your heart too. Yes, my mom does use the people box a lot!

Second Place – T. Phillips

What we love about this meme is that it shows an empowered patient fighting back and seeking a second opinion after she was disrespected by a medical care provider. It happens far too many times and now that we know the subtypes of IC, sensitivity is actually real for many patients (IC Subtype 5 – Central Sensitization/Functional Somatic).

Third Place – A. Lucero

One of the key elements of this years campaign is addressing the pain of IC and how patients are often ignored by their care providers, families and friends. The sad reality is that IC pain hurts, in some cases as severely as cancer. Wouldn’t you like to have Darth Vader at your back saying “I find your lack of knowledge about IC disturbing” the next time someone minimizes or disrespects you?