IC Awareness Daily Tip 7

My Mom Has IC: A Painful Bladder StoryIC affects not only the patient but also the extended family. Parents with IC worry about their ability to support their family. Children wonder why their parent cannot attend normal daily functions, like baseball games, and often mistakenly assume that a parent is dying. The ICN has written a children’s book “My Mom Has IC: A Painful Bladder Story” that can help! It’s ideal for children in elementary school!

Tragically, some family members and friends don’t believe that IC is a real condition and/or that the patient needs support and encouragement. Research presented at AUA 2010 demonstrated that patients with a spouse who was not supportive had a poorer outcome. The ICN has some great videos that can help educate family members. Find them at: https://www.ic-network.com/videos/

How has your family been impacted by your struggles with pelvic pain? Share your story!