Some patients have had inappropriate hysterectomies only to discover, after the fact, that their pelvic pain was originating from their bladder. IC patient Angela Burch won a $2,000,000 federal medical malpractice settlement in Florida when her ob-gyn needlessly removed her healthy uterus even after the urologist reported that she had interstitial cystitis. This is not unusual. Many physicians, particularly ob-gyns, primary care or emergency room personnel, are poorly trained in the diagnosis and treatment of bladder pain patients. Educating gynecologists and primary care providers is a critical need.

If you’ve had an inappropriate hysterectomy we would love to hear your story. Why was it suggested? When was it done?? When did you find out that your pain was actually coming from your bladder?? How do you feel about it now?

Websites that can help! If you’re considering or recovering from a hysterectomy, please visit the fabulous HYSTERSISTERS website for more information and hysterectomy support!