IC Awareness Month Daily Fact #25 - Beer and Interstitial Cystitis

Is it safe to drink beer when you have interstitial cystitis (IC) or bladder pain syndrome (BPS)? In our 2009 Wine, Beer & Spirits Survey, lighter lager, american ales, ambers, pilsners and pale ales were the least bothersome beers, such as Miller Genuine Draft Light and Blue Moon Pale ales. The most irritating beers were the darker english stouts and dark brown ales.

Beer ratings in Interstitial Cystitis Alcohol Survey

Obviously, if your bladder is flaring and your symptoms are very active, it’s best to avoid all alcohol until your symptoms improve. If you’d like to try it again, start with a light lager and then follow that drink with water to dilute the effect in your urine.


Free Download – Osborne J. Schmidt J. Wine, Beer & Spirits: Do They Trigger IC Flares? IC Optimist Summer/Fall 2010. 15-18