If you’re wondering if you can have a baby after a diagnosis of IC, take heart! Thousands of IC patients have had successful pregnancies and children. The most common question asked by potential mothers is “Will my IC get worse during a pregnancy?” In our experience, some IC patients go into remission or experience a decrease of their symptoms during their pregnancy. Other patients report that their symptoms worsen slightly as the pregnancy advances. The Interstitial Cystitis Association did a small study which found that the symptoms of IC decrease during the first two trimesters and then increase slightly during the third trimester, most likely due to the baby putting pressure on the bladder.

Dr. Robert Moldwin, in the IC Survival Guide, shared that his observations aren’t quite so favorable. He’s seen the majority of his patients experience some degree of bladder worsening throughout the pregnancy which he believes is due to the cessation of oral therapies. However, he also said that “most patients make through without any problems.” He suggests the use of conservative therapies, such as yoga, meditation, relaxation, self-hypnosis, acupuncture, diet and the avoidance of constipation to help reduce IC related discomfort

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