1. Request a Proclamation


Proclamations are a way that patients can get the attention of a local, state, provincial and national government representatives. By asking for a proclamation to be issued in honor of IC Awareness Month, you’re educating your public representative about IC and asking for their support. Patients have requested and received dozens of proclamations over the past few years and we’ve made it really easy. Simply download our sample proclamation and send it to the politician of your choice.

Proclamation Requests Can Be Sent To:

  • City Mayor
  • County Board of Supervisors
  • State Senators & Representatives
  • Federal Senators & Representatives

Review our 2016 Proclamation

2. Write Your Government Reps To Request An Increase In IC Research Funding

The vast majority of research funding in the USA has been sponsored by the US National Institutes of Health to a tune of more than $100 million dollars. That said, we have a long way to go to understand the complexities of IC, chronic prostatitis, urologic chronic pelvic pain syndrome and their related conditions. We MUST continue to advocate for more research funding!

The next time you are up at night, struggling with bladder or pelvic pain, we encourage you to grab a pen and paper and WRITE your federal representatives in whatever country you live in. Tell them of your life with IC, what it feels like, what your struggles are and so forth. ASK them to support more research funding for IC, bladder pain syndrome and chronic pelvic pain through the NIH!

Write letters every time you have pain and discomfort, or when you struggle to find a doctor to treat you, or if you’re denied insurance. Let’s bombard them with letters throughout the year!

For US Residents –  Find Your US Senator & Representatives Here!

For Other Nations – Please visit your national websites!