It is my pleasure to announce the winners of the 2013 IC Awareness Month Campaign and we have a surprise, rather than just three winners, we’ll have five! The posters this year were fabulous

First Place: Jennifer Williams – $100 gift certificate

Jennifer Williams has created an iconic image absolutely perfect for use in an annual awareness campaign. We love the simple yet powerful imagery. It includes men and women, the hands placed over the bladder and that simple tear drop is a powerful message.


Second Place (TIE) – Audrey Taskeshta & Tish Alie – $75 gift certificates

Audrey’s original watercolor is absolutely gorgeous, beautifully using color and image to remind every IC patient that they are beautiful, that they are strong and, most importantly, that IC cannot break you!


Tish Alie’s poster is POWERFUL! It catches the eye and makes the reader want to get up close and learn more about it. Tears evoke a powerful message, that we all should stop and ask “what can we do to make this better?” And, thankfully, more and more people are doing so!

Tish Ali IC Awareness Month Poster

Third Place (TIE) – Carolyn Rumsey & Lynn Dryburgh – $50 gift certificates

Carolyn Rumsey

This creative poster could work perfectly in any doctors office. It’s funny yet enlightening and, of course, grounded in the daily symptoms of an IC patient. It’s makes you laugh yet, at the end, hits you with the powerful punch that IC patients also struggle with profound loneliness at times.


Lynn Dryburgh entry was made in honor of her daughter, who suffers from IC. This is the first poster we’ve had entered which raises awareness about the needs of children who struggle with bladder pain and discomfort. We love the use of several languages on the poster. This could work beautifully in an educational campaign with school nursing staff and educators!


Prizes will be delivered by the end of the month!

Thank you EVERYONE who entered the contest!!! Beautiful, BEAUTIFUL entries this year!

Jill 🙂