Congratulations to IC’er Susan Freeman who asked the City of Pleasant Hill CA to honor IC Awareness Month by issuing a proclamation. She will be accepting it next Monday, on behalf of all of us! How’d she do it?? Here’s what she wrote to us:

Dear Jill Osborne and the ICN,

Letting you know that the City of Pleasant Hill, Ca. ( in the S.F. East Bay, between Walnut Creek, Martinez and Concord) will be presenting a Proclamation for IC Awareness Month, September, 2012, at their City Council Meeting, Monday, September 10, 2012.

I have IC and because of your requests in the Late Summer 2012 IC Optimist, I contacted the City of Pleasant Hill and requested that they recognize IC Awareness Month. They agreed and I sent them the Sample Proclamation. I tried to get my Urologist to officially accept the proclamation but she didn’t follow through with me, so…. I’ll accept the proclamation myself.

In solidarity,
Susan G. Freeman,
Pleasant Hill, Ca.

It’s easy to do.. and YOU can ask your City, County, State or National Representative to do this! Please do. – Jill 🙂