There are many voices in the IC movement, some old and some young. Some IC veterans and others newly diagnosed and ready to share their experience of life with IC. Some patients have an “in your face” attitude due, in great part, to the total and complete frustration that they’ve lived with as they’ve sought an answer to their pelvic pain. Tali Kateri is passionate about IC. She is passionate about helping other young patients who are struggling. She’s bold and brave, and not afraid to tell her story on international TV. Last year she was featured on MTV and she represented the IC community well in a voice uniquely her own. She’s not afraid to cuss and swear because some situations seem to merit a few, well chosen words. Thus, we had wondered where she was during this years IC Awareness Month campaign as she’s done some lovely blogs in the past. She’s here and she’s ending IC Awareness Month with a critical message… IC awareness is really up to each one of us. It’s not a once a year activity. It should be done throughout the year and how far we get will depend entirely on just how much you, the IC patient, are willing to get involved. It really is up to you!

It’s the last day of IC awareness month and I feel that since I was pretty much out of commission for the past 60 days and didn’t get to implement any of my fun awareness projects like I usually do, I should say something today before it’s all over. Well, the awareness projects are never over I suppose…just the extra push we get on them from having our very own month dedicated to making people learn shit about it whether they want to or not. So I shall go on and on today about just what I think we’re capable of…because honestly I know that everyone who wants to get involved in raising awareness is capable of making this whole entire world listen to what we have to say. At least, that’s how I look at it. I guess at the end of it all I wish that’s how other people looked at it as well. But, I know that not everyone has the confidence to go against their families or friends or even coworkers that tend to walk around saying that this condition is bull#$@#$#. I didn’t know if I had that confidence in the beginning either but I learned what worked and what didn’t work over time. I have developed tactics that work for me when it comes to making people listen and I feel that if everyone who is “all in” on this awareness thing can formulate something that works for them we’ll get so many more people to listen and attempt to understand. Hell, we might even be able to get people to want to go out and educate themselves on this subject *gasp….I KNOWWWWWWWWWWW.

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