Each year, IC Awareness Month is developed by you, the IC patient. Yes, that’s right. We don’t use a high powered marketing firm. There are no expensive consultants who take charge. We’re salt of the earth, IC on the street kind of people. Why? Because IC patients have a LOT to give. They have fresh, creative ideas that are relevant to IC patients. They understand implicitly why its so important to educate not only physicians but employers and community members about IC and pelvic pain. They know what it’s like to fight back when their rights have been threatened. They’ve also shared the struggle of trying to pay for expensive treatments. They (WE) have the passion, the drive and the motivation to make change in the world. By educating others, we can and will make a difference.

IC Awareness Volunteer Team Recruitment

It’s time to put our committee together for 2015. Will you help? We need:

(1) Contest organizer & judges to manage our IC Awareness Month poster and art campaigns

(2) Media/Press specialists to develop our media campaign and press materials

(3) Writers to develop stories related to IC

(4) Techies to develop/implement relevant fun activities and/or apps on our website or social networking platforms

(5) Social Networking Guru’s to develop our internet campaign.

(6) Interested, passionate patients who want to help


The committee generally works from July through September. Some may only contribute a few hours while others may choose to be more involved on a weekly basis. It is entirely your choice. The gift of your time is greatly appreciated!

Sign Up!

If you’d like to get involved and serve on our committee, please send an email with your name, interest (i.e. role you’d like to fill), phone number and best email address at: volunteers@icawareness.org