Now Accepting Meme Contest Entries For 2016

Funny, irreverent, witty, bold and often ridiculous, meme’s make a statement. A funny or shocking meme can be shared thousands of times across the internet where they could inspire patients to actually google IC. Last year, we had dozens of funny, irreverent and powerful memes that truly made an impact. They were shared thousands of times across the internet and were a big part of our IC Awareness Month campaign.

How Can I Make A Meme?

Several websites offer free meme making services. You can pick your favorite picture, add text and then share it with your friends. Here are some services that we like!


  • Required – It should say “Interstitial cystitis”or “IC”
  • Optional – It can say


  1. Kindle Fire or Apple iPad (First Place)
  2. $50 Amazon Gift Certificate
  3. $25 Amazon Gift Certificate

How Can I Submit My Meme?

It’s very easy. Just share your meme on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and anywhere else you frequent.

E-mail it to: