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3 to 8 Million Women

Have Symptoms of IC/BPS and/or Pelvic Pain

It's NOT all in their head

Some women have undergone unnecessary hysterectomy in a desperate attempt to reduce their pain. They may see 5 to 7 doctors before receiving a correct diagnosis.

1 to 4 Million Men

Struggle with bladder and/or pelvic pain

It's NOT chronic prostatitis

Researchers now suspect that the millions of men diagnosed with chronic prostatitis actually suffer from IC/BPS or Pelvic Floor dysfunction

Chronic Pelvic Pain

IC/BPS is a chronic pelvic pain syndrome

Five Subtypes

Five distinct subtypes are found in IC patients. Determining a patients subtype will prioritize treatments and improve their treatment response.

Join Us And Help Spread The Word That IC is Real And Treatable!

Every September, IC patients around the world unite to raise awareness about interstitial cystitis, bladder pain syndrome, hypersensitive bladder syndrome and chronic pelvic pain. All IC patients, support group leaders and national organizations are invited to participate! Here’s how you can help!

Upcoming Pain Conferences & Events

PAINWeek (September 4-8)

The largest US pain conference for frontline practitioners interested in pain management. 120+ hours of continuing medical education presented annually. Learn more here! 

17th World Congress on Pain – Boston, MA

The World Congress on Pain® is the preeminent global meeting devoted to sharing new developments in pain research, treatment, and education. The meeting brings together thousands of delegates from more than 100 countries across multiple disciplines. Learn more!

ESSIC 2018 (Nov. 29 – Dec. 1) – Budapest Hungary

Both patients and clinicians are welcome to attend the International Society for the Study of Bladder Pain Syndrome Annual Meeting in Budapest. This event will feature many of the leading IC researchers and clinicians in the world today. Learn more here! 

For Grace’s Change Agent Pain Summit (Nov.2) – Los Angeles, CA

For Grace gives women and men with chronic pain a voice in improving pain care for the six to seven million people in California challenged by daily, persistent chronic pain. Together we’ll uncover barriers to care, best practices and solutions that will be shared with healthcare and policy leaders in California. Learn more here! 

2018 Annual Scientific Meeting on Pelvic Pain (October 11-15, 2017) – Chicago, IL

The largest pelvic pain conference in the world, the International Pelvic Pain Society, offers a fall meeting dedicated to the study and treatment of chronic pelvic pain including IC, Pelvic Floor Dysfunction, Pudendal Neuralgia, Vulvodynia & More. Learn more here!

Do you have an event to list? Please send us the details at: events@icawareness.org

IC Awareness Month Daily Facts

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