IC Awareness Month doesn’t rely on one person, one group or one organization. In fact, it’s driven by hundreds of patients who believe that more people need to learn about IC and understand the needs of patients who are struggling. This campaign is modeled after Women’s Health Week, the goal of which is to give you, the IC patient, resources that you can use in your community.

Located in Northern California, the IC Network staff have been greatly affected by both lengthy power outages and multiple fires that have come dangerously close to our homes and offices. As a result, we’ve had to cut back some of our participation and truly hope that you will step forward to help.

For the past four years, we’ve faced hurdle after hurdle, fire after fire. In 2017, 5000 homes burned in our community. Last year, the #glassfire (in the picture above by Kent Porter) came within 3 houses of my home. That’s exactly what we drove away from that night. Terrifying.

Sadly, 2021 is looking far worse. We’ve been told to expect an “apocalyptic” year. Though we burned last year,  we can burn again this year because we have hillsides covered with “charcoal briquettes” aka… burned tree stumps. And we are in a terrible drought with now mandatory water rationing.

We’ll get the press release up so that you can share it but we’ve temporarily stopped the nominations for Providers of the year.  We have to focus on our safety first.

Blessings to you all! Stay Safe! – Jill Osborne ICN Founder