2017 MD of The Year – Dr. Robert Evans MD

Every year, we ask IC patients to nominate clinicians (doctors, physical therapists, nurses) who have treated them with compassion, respect and effective treatments. Nominations are often incredibly heartfelt with patients sharing personal stories of clinicians (and their staff)  who listen to their struggles, who patiently explain treatment options and, most importantly, maintain a long-term, steady [...]

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2017 Meme Contest

2o17 Meme Contest Winners & Entries! These are the final entries for the 2017 IC Awareness Month Meme contest! We love the creativity that IC patients bring to the front as they talk about IC. First Place - J. Gosewehr A meme is supposed to be entertaining, sharable, poignant and ideally educational. Of course, cats [...]

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2017 Poster Contest Winners

Education Poster - First Place (Best Use Of Theme) - E. Dryburgh Comments - Due to the hypervigilance triggered by the opiate crisis, more and more legitimate pain patients have been accused of being drug addicts by nurses and doctors unfamiliar with their unique patient history and medical condition. This is particularly true for patients [...]

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IC/BPS Awareness 2017 Kicks Off

Every September, IC/BPS patients and organizations around the world gather together to promote interstitial cystitis, bladder pain syndrome and chronic pelvic pain. This year, our campaign is bold and blunt, telling the story of patients who are refused pain treatment with, in some cases, tragic results. Despite decades of research showing that this medical condition [...]

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IC Awareness Month 2017 – Official Press Release

IC/BPS Patients Refuse To Suffer In Silence Demanding Compassionate and Humane Pain Care FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - 
September 1, 2017 When IC/BPS patient Lisa Benshabat took her life on February 9, 2016, her dreams could no longer sustain her. Daily, agonizing pelvic pain and a medical community that was unresponsive to her needs led her to [...]

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2016 IC Awareness Month #lifewithIC Twitter Winners

We are pleased to announce the winners of our newest contest on twitter. We asked patients to tweet out their real life and/or funny moments using the hashtag-  #lifewithic FIRST PLACE - @Bronti01 This is the sad reality for so many patients. Urologists generally work with older men and women struggling with diseases associated with [...]

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2016 IC Awareness Month Meme Contest Winners

We are pleased to announce the winners of the 2016 IC Awareness Month Meme Contest! Our gratitude to the more than 50 patients who submitted entries and our winners. It was truly difficult to pick the best. They were all great!! FIRST PLACE - Stephanie Patterson We love the message of the winning meme by [...]

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2016 Poster Contest Winners

Every year during the IC Awareness Month campaign, we ask patients to submit art that shares information about life with IC. This years entries were fun, diverse, poignant and educational. It was very hard to pick winners.. they are all so good! FIRST PLACE - Lynn Dryburgh Lynn best exemplified our theme this year on [...]

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