For the fifth year in a row, Dr. Robert Evans (Wake Forest Baptist Health) was voted physician of the year by the IC patient community, capturing 27% of the vote! It is remarkably well deserved. Dr. Evans compassion, empathy, and kindness has fostered a medical care environment that patients flock to, with some traveling thousands of miles to receive his care. His knowledge of interstitial cystitis, current research and therapies are at the forefront of this complex pelvic pain condition.  However, it is also his patient skills that distinguish him as the best in the USA.  One patient offered “He truly has a God given gift for making a patient feel comfortable.”  He takes the time not only to answer patient questions but to listen, truly listen, to their concerns without judgement. Another patient shared “I appreciate that he treats me like I’m an intelligent patient and with respect.”  

The nominations submitted on his behalf this year demonstrate a physician who exemplifies the hippocratic oath, offering care to a large population of patients who come to his clinic after years of neglect from other medical professionals. Here’s a sample of what they shared in their nominations:

“I truly believe that the first time I walked into the office of Dr. Robert Evans (Wake Forest University), Dr. Evans saw me as a person, not just a patient. Dr. Evans is obviously a brilliant physician and yet he always treated me as an educated Interstitial Cystitis (IC) sufferer. He discussed my disease with me, while always treating me as an intelligent human who was trying to have a healthy, active and fully purposeful life. Dr. Evans, of course, shared much of his vast knowledge of (IC) with me on my first visit and also took at least an hour to answer all of my questions. You never feel rushed with Dr. Evans, is an empathetic humanitarian who is also an exceedingly skillful listener. He truly has what I believe to be a God given gift of making a patient feel comfortable. His great sense of humor and yet endless compassion is obvious by his constant work on unearthing new and successful treatments for this disease…. His work ethic is unconquerable.”

“I had been suffering from IC for about eight years, with periods of remission, while being treated by another great Urologist, when I was referred to Dr. Evans. After about a year of Dr. Evans recommended treatment I was in remission. Symptom free for years now. I had my active life back and Dr. Evans was very delighted for me. I still see Dr. Evans twice a year and remain on medications to keep this disease at bay, but Dr. Evans will always have an extraordinary place in my heart.”

“I could gush on and on about Dr. Evans, but he’s simply the best doctor regardless of specialty, hands down. Dr. Evans has treated my IC for over 29 years and I can say that if I had to have this disease and all the other “goodies” that go with it, God at least blessed me by putting me in Greensboro where he practiced medicine. I know that I’ve not only had the most up to date treatment options and trial choices, but the most compassionate human being for a doctor in the medical field. We’ve had a great time in the last 29 years discussing the politics of medical care and insurance coverage, as well as how to ensure his standard of care will continue when he decides to retire (OH, NO!). I appreciate that he treats me like I’m an intelligent patient and with respect. It’s an honor to have him as a doctor in the midst of this mess that is IC/PBS and all the other stuff that goes with it.”

“Dr. Robert Evans is the most caring person and doctor I’ve ever met. He also isn’t selfish. He goes above and beyond for his patients. He takes away from his own time to try and find a cure and also teach others about IC and other diseases. That’s how much he cares about his patients. Most doctors would just do their job and go home but not Dr.Evans! He’s very respectful and will stay and till he has seen each and everyone of his patients. He doesn’t rush he takes as much time that is needed. You won’t leave your appointment thinking I should of asked or said this. Because you have as much time as you need to talk and he makes sure that you understand everything and that he’s done everything he can to try and help you. It really makes him mad that his patients have to suffer everyday in pain. That’s why he tries to fight for us and teach other doctors about IC.”

“Dr. Evans has been my IC doctor for 20 plus years! Dr. Evans is absolutely the most amazing doctor I’ve ever had and I will always refer him and be his patient! His compassion to help and treat those with IC is above all other doctors, nobody can or ever will be like Dr. Evans. He goes above and beyond and has the best bed side manner!”

“Dr. Evans has been and is one of the only doctors that truly listens and sympathizes with IC patients. I travel a long way to see him and wouldn’t see anyone else. I have been truly lucky since I’ve found him and can’t imagine where I would be without his help. It’s been a constant struggle but he is there for me and my husband.”

“I was diagnosed with IC in 2005, bit I didn’t find Dr. Evans until 2009. By then, he had a hard time finding anywhere in my bladder that wasn’t covered with Hunners lesions. The pain was excruciating, day and night. I was ready to end it. Because of Dr. Evans, I’m still here and I still have my bladder, small and ugly as it is. He’s always been honest and willing to listen to not just me, but my husband, who is also affected by this disease every day.”

“I have been a patient of his for several years & Dr. Evans goes above & beyond every time! He is caring, compassionate to every situation! He wants his IC pts to be pain free as much as they can be! He has empathy for his pts & is very aware of the pain it causes so many women! He should win because he truly cares & will go the distance with you! We love Dr Evans & I want to Thank him for all of his efforts in helping me stay pain free!”

“I am voting for Dr. Robert Evans again. I have been seeing him since September 2011. When I first started seeing him I was going ever 3 months. I now have gone the longest 6 months without seeing him. He listens to me. I may have 10 questions or more and he answers everyone of them even if he has a waiting room full of patients. I asked him about doing essential oils and he agreed with me that he would rather me go all natural. He told me he does not see many patients that are doing as well I am. He said my bladder looks great compared to what it did when I first saw him. I would highly recommend him. He told me one of his patients comes from Alaska. We had a get together back in Aug and he came and ate with us. He had to leave to go do a surgery. But you don’t see many doctors going out to eat with their patients. We talked a lot about IC and when it was first discovered. Dr. Evans needs to be recognized because he cares for his patients and takes time out with them. He will call you back if needed. I had a question one night because my interstim turned side ways. I messaged his wife sent her the picture. It was less than 30 minutes when he called me back. He may be a very busy man, but he will contact his patients no matter what time it is. I have waited days for my primary Care doctor office to call me back. Dr Evans is very caring and compassionate .”

“Not only is Dr. Evans extremely knowledgeable about ic, and in the forefront of research trials and new findings, he is also extremely compassionate and understanding. That combination is just about impossible to find.”

We would like to extend our congratulations to Dr. Evans and our gratitude for a career dedicated to the compassionate treatment for patients with pelvic and bladder pain. He is a remarkable man who exemplifies everything that we would hope to find in a urologist. A role model, second to none.

Dr. Robert Evans Contact Information

If you would like to consult with Dr. Evans, you can reach his clinics here:

Robert Evans MD
Wake Forest Urology
140 Charlois Boulevard
Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27103


Robert Evans MD
3903 N Elm St.
Greensboro, NC 27455


Robert Evans MD
140 Charlois Blvd.
Winston-Salem, NC 27103