Every year during the IC Awareness Month campaign, we ask patients to submit art that shares information about life with IC. This years entries were fun, diverse, poignant and educational. It was very hard to pick winners.. they are all so good!

FIRST PLACE – Lynn Dryburgh

Lynn best exemplified our theme this year on “Shining a light on IC”! She shows the many ways that patients can be involved and receive support. She encourages patients to talk openly and honestly about their struggles with IC.  She reminds them that they are not alone. Her poster is encouraging and very visually striking.



SECOND PLACE – Jamie Coronado

Jamie entry pulls at the heart strings. She says “I have Interstitial cystitis, IC does not have me! I will continue to be strong. I will make it through this. I will smile through the agonizing pain. I won’t let this disease stop me from living and loving. I will fight daily until there is a CURE.” Her testimony is powerful and inspiring! Thank you Jaime!



THIRD PLACE TIE – Roxane Grandis

This entry is remarkably powerful. Roxane says “Interstitial cystitis makes me feel like I’m drowning and no one knows how to save me.” This is how some patients feel in the in the middle of the night, when flares are at their worst.



THIRD PLACE TIE – Erin Dryburgh

Erin captures well the frustration of patients who are trying to work yet struggling with an IC flare!!! Very creative!



Eva’s entry reminds us all that every patient with IC is as unique as a fingerprint but we are stronger when we stand together!! Stressing the individuality of IC is incredibly important, especially now that researchers and clinicians acknowledge that there are distinct subtypes and/or variations of IC.