2016 IC Awareness Month Meme Contest Winners

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We are pleased to announce the winners of the 2016 IC Awareness Month Meme Contest! Our gratitude to the more than 50 patients who submitted entries and our winners. It was truly difficult to pick the best. They were all great!!

FIRST PLACE – Stephanie Patterson

We love the message of the winning meme by Stephanie. It says “I don’t need you to save me. I just need you to stand by my side while I save myself,” asking friends and families to stand by our sides. But it also encourages patients to work hard to support their healing and recovery.



Suicide awareness is essential for anyone struggling with chronic pain, including interstitial cystitis. Tina covers it perfectly in this poignant and powerful meme which encourages patients to ask for help if they are struggling with suicidal thoughts. As she says, we are STRONGER TOGETHER!



THIRD PLACE (Tie) – Cher Bruin

Dog lovers will adore this very funny and clever meme featuring Shih Tzu’s which covers a remarkably important point. We IC patients are very good at hiding our pain from others. Perhaps too good?



THIRD PLACE (Tie) – Deborah Lee

Deborah’s meme tackles the dilemma that many patients face.. was a three day flare really worth eating that chocolate bar? Patients make that choice every day with many different foods! Soon frustrating, right?



THIRD PLACE (Tie) – Jamie Coronado

This meme by Jamie was shared across social media. Yes, it’s kinda silly but it made people take a second look and ask “what is IC?” Adorable!


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