We are pleased to announce the winners of our newest contest on twitter. We asked patients to tweet out their real life and/or funny moments using the hashtag-  #lifewithic

FIRST PLACE – @Bronti01

This is the sad reality for so many patients. Urologists generally work with older men and women struggling with diseases associated with aging. Just imagine being 12 years old and sitting in a waiting room of elderly men? It’s hard, confusing and incredibly embarrassing for a child or teen with IC. Remarkably hard.

“When you’re the youngest person at the urologist office #lifewithic”


Let’s be honest. Traveling with any bladder disease is difficult. Flying in a plane even more so because restroom access is restricted despite the fact that we are in pain. This tweet speaks to the frustration that so many patients feel when considering a trip!

“How many times will I visit the restroom during a one hour flight? At least once. Maybe twice. Maybe three times. #lifewithic

THIRD PLACE – @AlysonWnderlnd

You have to chuckle with this tweet, right? Throw in having passionate and pain free sex and it’s what many patients dream of.

“When I get to heaven the first thing I’m ordering is a glass of lemonade…with chocolate, lasagne, hot wings and champagne. #lifewithIC.