We welcome media professionals who are interested in covering IC Awareness Month. For decades, men, women and children with pelvic pain have been told that their pain is “all in their heads.”  Many have taken antibiotics for years only to discover that their urine cultures were negative. Others have endured completely unnecessary hysterectomies (and one young woman won a million dollar settlement) before discovering that their pain was originating from their bladder and/or pelvic floor muscles. The research and clinical care community now look beyond the bladder or prostate in the diagnosis of pelvic pain, particularly to the often ignored pelvic floor muscles . As Dr. Ken Peters recently said “Doctors don’t know about it. Our medical training did not include the role of the pelvic floor and how it influences the other organs in the pelvis.”  This explains why so many men and women with recurring prostate and bladder symptoms have not responded to traditional therapies.  We hope that you will share this important breakthrough.

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