IC Awareness Daily Fact 2

In “CLASSIC” interstitial cystitis, patients have Hunner’s lesions, areas of intense inflammation on the bladder wall that often bleed profusely. These are treated in three distinct ways: fulguration, laser therapy or an injection of triamcinolone into the center of the ulcer. A new medical device currently under study, “LiRIS” is the first therapy that has been proven to heal Hunner’s Lesions after a two week period of treatment. Hunner’s lesions are a distinct subtype or phenotype of IC/BPS and only affects 5% of diagnosed patients. It is also considered the most severe form of IC, with patients experiencing often severe urinary frequency, urgency and pain. Research studies have found the polyoma virus in the urine of patients with Hunner’s lesions. Learn more about them here!


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