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Robert Evans MD – 2015 Physician Of The Year!

Do you have a doctor or physical therapist who treats you wonderfully? This year, we want to encourage and acknowledge clinical care providers who provide excellent care for IC and pelvic pain patients. This includes urologists, OB-GYNs, physical therapists, nutritionists, pain specialists and so forth. These are the medical care providers who:

  • listen to their patients
  • who take the time to answer questions
  • who explain treatment choices carefully and thoughtfully
  • who treat patients and family members with dignity and respect
  • who give their patients hope and encouragement

It’s about time that we publicly recognize those few doctors who really do treat IC patients with compassion and kindness! Each nominated clinician will receive a lovely certificate. We will select one doctor to receive “Doctor of the Year” award and one physical therapist to receive “Physical Therapist of the Year” award. These will be based on the most nominations received!

Please share with your IC friends! Let’s get as many nominated as we can!

Past Winners

  • 2015 Physician Of The Year – Dr. Robert Evans (Wake Forest University)
  • 2015 PT Of The Year – Karen Westlin-Boyer PT (Intermountain Health Care Physical Therapy
  • 2015 PT Of The Year – Jennifer Rutkowski MPT (Excel Sports & Physical Therapy)
  • 2015 PT Of The Year – Rhonda Fiorillo MPT (Back in Motion Physical Therapy)

How To Nominate:

Nominate Your Clinician

Nominate Your Clinician